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Chevron Texas, Tank Battery

2013-2016 | Midland, Texas | Pipe Detailing and Facility Layout

Chevron Texas has a large presence in the Permian Basin and is constantly expanding.  This expansion required tank batteries, gas-lift compressor stations, and salt water disposal stations.  Chevron engineered and designed these stations and we provided shop detailed pipe drawings and equipment layouts.  Chevron made design improvements with each new station which we would incorporate.

Udelhoven Anna & Bruce Crane Access Stairs Detail

2007 | Cook Inlet | Pipe Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

This project is a drill cuttings processing facility that processes the waste from drilling oil wells.  The process classifies and grinds cuttings into a slurry that can be re-injected back into non-productive oil wells for disposal.  The facility operates as one unit when assembled on site on the North Slope but it was designed to be broken down into 13 truck sized modules for transport from the shop to the site.

Our customer specified the flow diagram and selected the equipment (grinding mills, shakers,  pumps, etc.).  Our responsibility was to design the module stack and incorporate the equipment into the facility to operate per the flow diagram.  We also provided detailed shop drawings for the entire facility including modules, piping stairs, walkways, ladders and rails.

The facility is currently in operation on the North Slope.

North Slope Drill Cutting Re-Injection Module

2010 | North Slope | Design and Detail

Finnoe Design detailed the jib crane stairways and access platforms. We had to coordinate the detailing with the new crane structure.

Sakhalin Island Drill Cuttings Re-Injection Module

2016 | Sakhalin Island, Russia | Design-Build

This project was a ground up design-build project.  We used the customer’s equipment selections and general process flow and specifications to design a fully functional facility.  This project included all aspects of a design-build project; structural, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC.  After the design was complete, we were awarded the construction contract to build and factory test the complete facility. The customer planned two days of factory acceptance testing and called the test to a close after half a day.  They were thrilled with the overall operation and design.

Washington State Convention

2023 | Seattle, Washington | Structural and Steel Detailing

Finnoe Design provided fabrication for several structural and miscellaneous metal elements of the Summit Convention Center, including steel supports for the main stairway, large metal planter tubs meant to house the center’s eye-catching outdoor hanging gardens, and metal saddles for the variable sea-wood hanging boards located above the convention center’s luxurious ballroom, among many other important miscellaneous fabrication tasks.

Ikea Renton

2015 | Renton, Washington | Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Finnoe Design provided structural and miscellaneous steel detailing for the project including stair and connection engineering.  The approximate structural weight is 2300T with 18 flights of stairs and associated miscellaneous steel.

San Fransisco Oakland Bay SAS Bridge

2007-2013 | San Francisco, CA | Temporary Steel Detailing and Fabrication

Finnoe Design began work on the San Francisco Oakland Bay SAS Bridge in 2007.  Our involvement encompassed the entire bridge, from the top of the tower to the pile driving frames, and from the east end to the west end. By completion of the bridge in 2013, we had been contracted to detail over 140 individual temporary steel components and as construction progressed, we were also awarded temporary steel fabrication contracts.

Our first contract was to detail the main erection tower pile driving frame and support beams which consisted of over 800T of heavy plate work.  Shortly after completion we were contracted to detail 1700T of the first phase of temporary towers and trusses starting at Yerba Buena Island and extending over the bay toward Oakland.

Shortly after completion of the tower and truss detailing, we detailed the cross beam and tower erection gantry crane.  This was a challenging project because this crane had two designed purposes. First it was to serve as a gantry style crane to span the two sides of the bridge and install the cross beams that connect the two sides.  After, cross beam installation, the crane was to be re-purposed to be the main tower erection crane.  To facilitate this the gantry legs were removed, the main beams shortened, the walkways relocated and the crane was placed on top of the T1 erection tower.  Since the two different cranes were designed by different engineering firms, we needed to coordinate the two designs into one combined work package of drawings that would work for both designs.  In the end, both designs worked flawlessly and it was a successful project!

Our first detail and fabrication contract on the project was to supply eleven levels of work platforms to access and install the tower struts.  All materials were supplied and installed on schedule without any fit problems.

Margaret McDermott

2016 | Dallas, Texas | Detail and Fabrication , Temporary Steel

One of the newest signature bridges in Dallas is the Margaret McDermott Bridge which has slender steel arches supporting the bike paths on each side.  The slender arches were not self-supporting until complete.  We needed to detail and fabricated a significant amount of temporary steel to support the arches during construction.  Some of these vertical members were later re-used during construction of the Las Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel, which Finnoe Design also supplied.

Oklahoma City Railroad Bridge Falsework

2017 | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Temporary Steel Fabrication

This bridge was an active railroad bridge over a congested freeway.  The bridge was assembled close by and transported overnight into location to minimize disruptions to rail and road traffic.  Our scope was to fabricate pedestal framing between the dollies and the bridge.  The project was completed on time with no field assembly problems.

Sakhalin Island Drill Cuttings Re-Injection Module

2016 | Sakhalin Island, Russia | Design-Build

This project was a ground up design-build project.  We used the customer’s equipment selections and general process flow and specifications to design a fully functional facility.  This project included all aspects of a design-build project; structural, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC.  After the design was complete, we were awarded the construction contract to build and factory test the complete facility. The customer planned two days of factory acceptance testing and called the test to a close after half a day.  They were thrilled with the overall operation and design.

Leisure Stair

2007 | Spokane, Washington | Design and Detail

The owner asked Finnoe Design to design and detail a feature stair for their main entry.  They wanted a grand stair and the stair the architect had designed did not fit in the space.  The customer was very pleased with the stair, especially the decorative inlays with the company’s custom swoosh logo.

The Seattle Stadium

2022 | Seattle, WA | Design & Fabrication

Using advanced scanning technology, Finnoe Designed and Manufactured the structure to enable a doubling of the size of the screen at the Seattle Stadium.

US Bank Center Grand Stairs

2022 | Seattle, WA | Design & Fabrication

Using advanced scanning technology Finnoe manufactured the three story staircase into three pieces that were brought into the building and connected perfectly into place

Tappan Zee Concrete Mixing Barge

2017 | Tappan Zee Bridge in New York | Equipment Layout and Steel Detailing

Tappan Zee Constructors custom built two concrete mixing barges to deliver concrete directly to the pours in the water. They came to Finnoe Design with the equipment they wanted to use and we helped them layout the equipment on the deck of the barge and detailed access platforms to the stairs and the equipment.

I-90 Floating Bridge Cable Replacement Powered Wire Spools

2018 | Lake Washington, Washington | Design-Build

As in most construction projects, this project had an aggressive timeline and could not start without the completed powered cable spoolers.  Our customer was awarded the job to replace the aging cables that anchored the I-90 floating bridge to the bottom of Lake Washington.  They had a general design but with the tight timeframe they could not complete it so we assisted in the completion of the design including gear drives, electrical functionality, and bearings.  Because of timeframe, we began fabrication of some of the components while still finishing the design.  We completed the project on time and the spooler operated as expected without any problems. The project also included fabrication of other miscellaneous barge components to retrofit the equipment barge used for pulling and replacing the cables.

Lars Antarctic Platform

2012 | Antartica | Design-Build

The Launch And Recovery System (LARS) sleds are three individual sleds that are designed to be towed behind rubber tracked Cat tractors. The sleds are used as a hot water drill platform in Antarctica for the National Science Foundation. When the sleds reach the drill site they are connected together to form an ‘H’ shaped drilling platform. When in operation, the center sled has a 30 ton hydraulic crane mounted to the center that can reach most of the deck.  Both of the side sleds have removable deck sections for drilling through the ice using a hot water drill installed by Lockheed Martin.

This project was a fast paced Design-Build project.  Lockheed Martin supplied a Scope Of Work (SOW) which included conceptual drawings showing overall sizes and general layouts.  Using the SOW, Finnoe Design completed the design which was structurally analyzed by BBFM Engineers and approved by the customer.  After the design was completed and approved we contracted Northwest Steel Fab to build the sleds and managed the fabrication process with them directly.

This was an extremely complicated and challenging project for many reasons including the cold weather environment which required special considerations in many areas including Charpy V-Notch certified steel.  Additionally, we had an extremely fast paced schedule; the contract was awarded on July 9th and we shipped it complete on October 16th 2012.  Our team really pulled together and made this a successful project.

North Pole Summit Station Cargo Sled

2018 | Summit Station, North Pole | Design-Build

Custom designed equipment hauling sled with UHMW plastic skinned skis designed for rough duty in a cold weather environment.  The sled was designed to operate in conjunction with the Cargo Offload Sled.

Las Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel

2013 | Las Vegas, Nevada | Detail and Fabricate Temporary Steel

The High Roller is a 550-foot tall, 520-foot diameter giant observation wheel located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Like most projects in Las Vegas the owner had an aggressive timeline for project completion. American Bridge was designing the temporary steel as quickly as possible in parallel with the production permanent steel; therefore the temporary steel had to be designed, detailed, fabricated and delivered before the permanent steel in order to avoid costly erection delays.  Finnoe Design detailed, fabricated and delivered the temporary steel meeting or exceeding every deadline. This allowed our customer, American Bridge, to complete the entire project ahead of schedule.

The leg brace trusses allowed the legs to be erected one at a time before they were all tied together at the top with the hub.  The trusses were the first of many items we detailed and supplied for this project.

The hub and axle at the center of the wheel was too heavy to lift with a conventional crane so American Bridge designed a hub truss that was erected above the final location of the axle.  This supported strand jacks that lifted the hub and axle into their final position.  We provide shop drawings and fabricated and delivered the truss sections to be erected by American Bridge.

The ingenious erection plan of American Bridge was to erect a 550 foot tall structure with a crane that was about half that tall.  The legs, hub and axle were erected followed by the rim, one section at a time, rotating and holding the rim in place with a hold back tower.

The rim of the wheel is supported by tensioned cables between the rim and the hubs.  The cables are only effective when the rim is complete and the cables are tight.  In order for the erection scheme to work there had to be rigid trusses holding the rim sections in place and keeping it round while it was rotated by the hold back tower. Eighteen 224 feet long trusses were needed.  Finnoe Design detailed and supplied all of these trusses to the job.

The aggressive timeline required us to detail and fabricate the bottom of the hold back tower while American Bridge was engineering and designing the top of the tower.  From start to finish this tower was designed (American Bridge) detailed, fabricated, and shipped to the job site (Finnoe Design) and erected (American Bridge) in 6 weeks total time!

North Pole Summit Station Airplane Cargo Offload Sled

2018 | Summit Station, North Pole | Design-Build

Everything at Summit Station is transported by air.  The cargo planes must land, unload and take off quickly.  Because the runway is ice, a sled is needed for offloading cargo.  The customer’s previous sled was too small for the size of loads they needed to offload so Finnoe Design was hired to design and build a larger sled.

The sled is positioned in front of the airplane cargo door and the cargo is offloaded onto the sled roller deck. Bumpers and guides keep the load in position.

The sled was fabricated and shipped in two halves so it would fit in the cargo hold of the plane.

One of the design challenges was the requirement for low ground pressures while still providing a rigid structural frame to support the loads.  The customer also had a concern about the sled sliding sideways as they were towing it so we came up with a solution, skegs that they could drop down when needed.  This was a need they voiced well into the design phase but we had the flexibility to find a solution and get it into the design.


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