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Las Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel

The High Roller is a 550-foot tall, 520-foot diameter giant observation wheel located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Like most projects in Las Vegas the owner had an aggressive timeline for project completion. American Bridge was designing the temporary steel as quickly as possible in parallel with the production permanent steel; therefore the temporary steel had to be designed, detailed, fabricated and delivered before the permanent steel in order to avoid costly erection delays.  Finnoe Design detailed, fabricated and delivered the temporary steel meeting or exceeding every deadline. This allowed our customer, American Bridge, to complete the entire project ahead of schedule.

The leg brace trusses allowed the legs to be erected one at a time before they were all tied together at the top with the hub.  The trusses were the first of many items we detailed and supplied for this project.

The hub and axle at the center of the wheel was too heavy to lift with a conventional crane so American Bridge designed a hub truss that was erected above the final location of the axle.  This supported strand jacks that lifted the hub and axle into their final position.  We provide shop drawings and fabricated and delivered the truss sections to be erected by American Bridge.

The ingenious erection plan of American Bridge was to erect a 550 foot tall structure with a crane that was about half that tall.  The legs, hub and axle were erected followed by the rim, one section at a time, rotating and holding the rim in place with a hold back tower.

The rim of the wheel is supported by tensioned cables between the rim and the hubs.  The cables are only effective when the rim is complete and the cables are tight.  In order for the erection scheme to work there had to be rigid trusses holding the rim sections in place and keeping it round while it was rotated by the hold back tower. Eighteen 224 feet long trusses were needed.  Finnoe Design detailed and supplied all of these trusses to the job.

The aggressive timeline required us to detail and fabricate the bottom of the hold back tower while American Bridge was engineering and designing the top of the tower.  From start to finish this tower was designed (American Bridge) detailed, fabricated, and shipped to the job site (Finnoe Design) and erected (American Bridge) in 6 weeks total time!


Las Vegas, Nevada
Detail and Fabricate Temporary Steel