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North Pole Summit Station Airplane Cargo Offload Sled

Everything at Summit Station is transported by air.  The cargo planes must land, unload and take off quickly.  Because the runway is ice, a sled is needed for offloading cargo.  The customer’s previous sled was too small for the size of loads they needed to offload so Finnoe Design was hired to design and build a larger sled.

The sled is positioned in front of the airplane cargo door and the cargo is offloaded onto the sled roller deck. Bumpers and guides keep the load in position.

The sled was fabricated and shipped in two halves so it would fit in the cargo hold of the plane.

One of the design challenges was the requirement for low ground pressures while still providing a rigid structural frame to support the loads.  The customer also had a concern about the sled sliding sideways as they were towing it so we came up with a solution, skegs that they could drop down when needed.  This was a need they voiced well into the design phase but we had the flexibility to find a solution and get it into the design.


Summit Station, North Pole